Service to Renters

In New York City, about 70% of the population live in rental properties. I started my Realtor career from a Rental Agent, and I am very well versed in New York rental procedures and familiar with all the rental building inventory. Nowadays, all new rental buildings pay broker commission to encourage brokers to promote their properties and bring in tenants to rent, the brokerage firm's commission is paid by the landlord. And if I help you to rent a place, all my services to you as a renter is completely free!

What do you need to provide to Landlord?

New York law protects the tenant's interests more than the interests of the landlord, a landlord who wants to get rid of a non-paying tenant needs to go through legal process with the court. So, when landlords renting their properties, they are very cautious, and the tenant's background and qualifications were closely scrutinized, almost all the buildings require the tenant to provide the following documents:

  • Tax Return, both federal and state, to prove that annual income is 40 times of the monthly rent
  • Employment Letter, stating job position, salary, and length of employement
  • Bank Statements, must prove there is enough funds in bank to pay rent and security deposit
  • Pay Stubs

Landlords also check tenants' credit (typically require a credit score of 720 or above) and whether there is a previous Housing Court Record.

For non-working students, the general requirement is to pay the whole year's rent upfront or to have a local guarantor whose annual income must be 80 times of the monthly rent. Or you can hire a guarantor service company to act as your guarantor. There are two companies that are commonly used in New York. One is The Guarantors ( and the other is Insurent ( Usually rental buildings have their preferred guarantor service company that they work with, or they do not accept guarantor companies. 

If you are an international students you need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport and visa
  • School admission letter
  • School schedule
  • I-2o
  • Bank Statements