Historic data has shown that New Yorkers hold their homes for 7 years on average, which means that people will be selling their homes once every 7 years. It could be upgrading from a single person's small studio apartment to a large 2 bedroom apartment after establishing family. Or it could be downgrading from a bigger home to a smaller unit after the adult kids left home. Or perhaps relocation because of work changes. No matter what is the reason people sell their properties, it cannot be done without a good agent to help market the property to find the best buyer. In New York, more than 42% of properties are bought by international buyers, so connecting to a strong global network of buyers for properties in New York and especially in Manhattan, is very important. It will ensure you are finding qualified buyers and selling at targeted prices, because your property has about 42% chance of being purchased by an international buyer. In my experience, 90% of our buyers have paid full-asking prices in cash!

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